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El Sitio - El Hierro

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El Sitio, a unique place

El Sitio is a family place with more than 25 years of enjoying what we do!

Our team is not just a group of co-workers, but of colleagues of the heart. Everyone puts their special and personal touch to make it a unique place.

El Sitio

Its history

We are a small family run place located in the valley of El Golfo, in the north of El Hierro, in the municipality of La Frontera.

Although our official foundation year was 1996, the history of the foundation goes back years and even centuries. The house was built at a time when the residents of El Hierro did not live permanently in the area of El Golfo, but made bi-annual «mudadas». The people had their permanent homes in the higher areas of the island and in the winter months they came down to El Golfo, to care for and prune their vineyards. In the months of August and September they returned again to El Golfo to harvest the grapes and make their fine wines.

The main house is over 150 years old and was one of the largest houses of its time. In what is now used as the reception and common area today, was the old cellar for food and wine storage, and the Sala Studio/yoga room above was the sleeping quarters for the parents and children. Todays massage room was used as a kitchen, and the laundry area was where they kept their animals, called the «cuarto de las bestias“ on El Hierro.

It is said that around 1935 two priests lived in this house who had the first radio in El Golfo. So people could listen to the news of the world and then walk up to the church La Candelaria to pray.

The property passed into the name of the current owner in approximately 1994, acquiring the property in a state of abandonment. The seven vacation apartments are later and new constructions, built respecting the Herreñas architecture and their surroundings. After many months of work we inaugurated El Sitio on the 24th of July 1996.

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«From the very beginning, El Sitio is a place where sustainability, connection with nature and an experiential environment for personal development are experienced. Here the soul can soothe and develop».

– Sabine Willmann
Hojas de una planta típica de El Hierro para representar nuestra misión

El Sitio

Our missión

It is not always necessary to go on a pilgrimage to find the meaning of life.

Sometimes even on a small island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean you can find yourself. The tranquillity, the silence and the proximity to nature allow one to listen to oneself and perhaps recognise that our whole life is a unique journey towards oneself. From this calm it is possible to enhance creativity, balance and a state of contentment with oneself and with EVERYONE.

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveller is unaware”