Canary Islands

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In 2000, El Hierro was declared a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. This means that certain types of property speculation and building are discouraged. We strongly respect and agree with the island’s local government who wish to enforce this in order to avoid the environmental mistakes which tourism has incurred on neighbouring islands. There is no other place amongst the Canary Islands which is as aware of the delicate balance between tourism, the environment and local culture.

El Hierro is the smallest of the Canary Islands, with a maximum elevation of 1,504 metres, covering 278 square kilometres and has around 7,000 inhabitants and is well on its way to being the first island in the world to source its energy from 100% renewables.

A true Atlantic treasure, rather than sandy beaches it has lava rock pools and bays, pine, laurel and ancient junipers shaped by the prevailing trade winds – a unique and diverse landscape.  The locals are kind and very welcoming; they seem to know the secret of this island that pulls travellers to what was once thought to be the world’s end.  Sometimes we have to become lost in order to find ourselves again…..

For many years El Hierro has been the well kept secret of musicians, artists, scientists and freethinkers who away from normal constraints can disconnect and recharge their creativity.