We are premiering!

After many years we already have a new website!

We thank everyone who has collaborated. To our team for all the work put into it along with the daily work they have on El Sitio, to Gabriel from unevisual.com for the beautiful photos and above all also to Gris, Miriam and their team for the realization and patience! with our ideas and changes!
To celebrate it together, we give a 10% discount to the first 20 clients who make a reservation with us and use the code NUEVAPAGINAWEB.

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El Sitio, Its history

Until the 70s of the 20th century, the custom of “Las Mudadas” (The movings) existed in El Hierro.
The families, who normally lived in the highlands of the island, moved with their families and all their beasts to the valley of El Golfo.

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