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El Sitio. Your temporary home on El Hierro

El Sitio – “The place”, is an open space integrated with the natural surroundings and community of El Hierro. We provide visitors with a peaceful environment for calming down body and mind. El Sitio is a canvas for people & ideas that both inspire and support El Hierro’s strategy of sustainable development, respect for the environment, culture and human dignity.

Personal development

To find once again purpose in life, pilgrimage is not the only way. Sometimes you get lost on a small island in the middle of the Atlantic. Nature and simplicity allow once again to listen to the voice deep within, you know the one we tend to switch off in our busy, daily lives. In the end maybe we all arrive at the conclusion, that our „destination is no longer a place, rather a new way of seeing

All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveller is unaware


The view of an endless horizon where sky and ocean meet inspires new thoughts and gives room for creativity. We are at ease to find back to our internal harmony. El Sitio is a sanctuary for all those that are in search of a peaceful place where body, mind and soul can retreat and heal.

The El Sitio Team can provide you with more information about activities on the island. We will also gladly establish connections to locals, who can enrich your stay with unforgettable experiences and support individual processes.

El Sitio is ideal for small groups, individual travellers, couples or simply travelers that want to refresh forgotten sensations.

Internal Peace

The restored main house with 200 year old walls of lava rock, is the heart of El Sitio.

The upper part houses the „Sala“ (50m2) which can be used for everything from exhibitions to film nights, Yoga courses, reunions or Tai Chi classes. In the basement you will find the old „bodega“, which now serves as gathering place, collective cooking spot and reception. At El Sitio we deliberately do not have television – here it’s time to look inward, to feel scents and tastes without being distracted by flickering screens. However, we still have a WIFI connection for you in the „Bodega“